#DmopPeople Q & A with Tattoo Artist Cash

#DmopPeople Q & A with Tattoo Artist Cash

[ Jacket - KYE ; Top - Ksenia Schnaider ; Pants - Jinnnn ] 

[ Top - KYE ; Bottom - Ksenia Schnaider] 

[ Jacket - KYE ; Skirt - KYE ] 

[ Dress - JINNNN x Lynk & Co. ] 

[ Jacket - Heron Preston ]


Q: How did you become a tattoo artist?

A: I started to have tattoos when I was young. I think I really like it so I went to learn to tattoo. 

Q: How would you describe your tattoo style?

A: Weird maybe? I think it is hard to define my tattoo with words.

Q: What does tattoo-ing mean to you?

A: It’s my everything

Q: What do you think are the most important things to make a successful tattoo artist?

A: Moral standard, stay true to yourself yet keep yourself updated

Q: What do you think about fashion? Is there any connection between tattoo & fashion?

A: Both are medium to communicate oneself

Q: Your three fashion essentials.

A: Tight turtleneck top, oversized top, and wide-leg pants

Q: One must-have item in your everyday life.

A: Cigarette



Instagram: @lilycashchan 
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