#DmopPeople The Q & A with DJ Johnnie Darka

#DmopPeople The Q & A with DJ Johnnie Darka


[ Hat: New Era ; Top: ROKIT] 

[ Hat: Heron Preston ; Top: Heron Preston ; Jacket: Heron Preston] 

[ Top: Marcelo Burlon County of Milan ; Pants : Marcelo Burlon County of Milan ] 

[ Top: Heron Preston ; T-shirt: Heron Preston ; Pants: Heron Preston ; Shoes: Y-3] 


Q: How you became a DJ?

A: I started to learn about DJing from my friend who was a DJ at the beginning. At first, it was just out of curiosity. But then I found my interest and passion in it very soon. I stayed up all night doing it and did not feel tired at all. At that moment, I knew I really like it. I then bought a vinyl turntable and a few vinyl discs. That’s how I started DJing.


Q: What is the most important thing about DJing?

A: Enjoy and enthusiasm.


Q: What music mean to you?

A: Music is like 'channel'. It connects a group of people with common interest and culture.


Q:   your favorite musician?

A: A-Trak, C2C, 9 O'Clock, Jon1st


Q:  Do you think there is any connection between music & fashion?

A: Fashion, is like music, connects people with common interest. When people have a common interest or culture, they tend to share similar fashion style. Take skaters as an example, skaters have a common interest in skating, so they have a common need for clothing, therefore developed a style that this group of people sharing.


Q:   Your 3 fashion essentials?

A: Cap, watch and Skate shoes


Q:  One must-have item in your everyday life.

A: I-phone