#DmopPeople Q & A with Tattoo Artist Alfred

#DmopPeople Q & A with Tattoo Artist Alfred

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Q: How did you become a tattoo artist?

A: I started to be interested in tattoo after I get my first tattoo. I collected a lot of tattoos as a collector. I then started to think ‘how about becoming a tattoo artist, since I like it so much.’ It was difficult to learn to tattoo in Hong Kong. I cannot find a suitable space. In the end, I found a blog that was about two brothers who self-learned tattooing. I refer to their blog, buy some tools, and started to self-learn. My first tattoo was on one of my friends. He was a musician with lots of tattoos. He let me try to tattoo on his body. My first tattoo work was very ugly, but he said it was very valuable because he had confidence in me. He said that an artist's first work, even if it failed, would still worth great value. He saw it from this angle and I was really moved.

Q: 3 words to describe your tattoo style.

A: Classic. My tattoo style is not based on innovativeness. Tattoo stays on your body for a whole life. If it is too creative, it would be easy to become less comfortable to look at in the future; Nature.  Nature is a timeless theme; and with my ways of handling, it becomes more timeless; Contrast.  Since my tattoo works are based on black and white. Therefore, every black tone must be treated with care. How to make a good contrast; how to make a good blending between light and dark, are things that I pay a lot of attention to.

Q: What are the most memorable works you have done?

A: The most memorable work may not be the work that I most satisfied with but some work that has special meanings to the clients. For example, some clients did tattoos about their friend or family that was passed away. Their emotions are especially memorable to me.

Q: What do you think are the most important things to make a successful tattoo artist?

A: For me, the most important thing to become a successful tattoo artist, is to find satisfaction in the work. I often remind myself that my happiness comes from the fact that I can create the tattoo work, but not the money or other things that it brings me.

Q: Is there any connection between tattoo and fashion?

A: To create a tattoo, we need to follow the silhouette of the body. Even with the same theme, we have different treatments in different parts of the body. This is similar to fashion. Besides, tattoos, like fashion, are very personal and are the medium for people to express themselves.

Q: Your three fashion essentials.

A: Beanie; plain colour; washed fabric

Q: Must-have item in your everyday life.

A: Book. I read books that are not related to tattoo to relax.



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