Y-3 Chapter 2 Fall Winter 2021 Collection | Cocoon

Y-3 Chapter 2 Fall Winter 2021 Collection | Cocoon
D-mop Y-3 Chapter 2 FW2021 _1
Y-3 -  The collaborative fashion sportwear collection between Yohji Yamamoto and adidas presents Chapter 2 of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Expanding on the thematic journey from the city into nature, the second seasonal offering explores the theoretical dialectics of insulation and innovation, surrealism and subversion. Stepping into the harsh winter months, the collection’s second chapter sees Y-3 take on the concept of “Cocoon” as the brand crafts an invisible forcefield and transports the wearer to a fantasy escape, executed at altitude.
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Designed to provide sanctuary from the ice and snow, the apparel offering is defined by an essence of enveloping beauty. Comprising aesthetically daring knitwear, sumptuous downs, and sleek trousers, as well as a selection of T-Shirts, the collection carefully blends ergonomic material articulations with cocooning silhouettes. Poignantly bringing the seasonal theme to the fore, Chapter 2 also features a number of striking garments that boldly infuse mountain-ready functionality with zine-inspired graphic prints. The collection is then elevated by a suite of functional accessories, including caps, beanies, scarves, belts, bags, and cocoon hooded hats.
The collection is now available at Y-3 store