SPOONYARD and Ina Jang launch fashion collaboration

SPOONYARD and Ina Jang launch fashion collaboration

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SPOONYARD and Korean artist Ina Jang announce their latest collaborative collection. Using the playful and poetic approach of Ina Jang's work, SPOONYARD constructs a clothing collection full of vitality and imaginative space. Ina Jang's unique perception of still life, shadow, and use of color endows the work with new connotations and presents an avant-garde creative spirit.

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In Radiator Theatre, the inspiration comes from Ina Jang’s observation of light passing through her south-facing windows, illuminating the large radiator a few feet from her bed. Ina Jang created Radiator Theatre - a collection of colorful, sometimes surrealist images - by cutting shapes from paper, hand-painting and arranging them in scenes she photographed in the winter sunlight that streamed through the windows of her New York studio. 

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The SPOONYARD X Ina Jang collection features four photographs from Raditor Theatre, including rose (2018), disco (2018), mohohan (2020) and blues (2018), combining unique shapes and natural colors, which establishes a beautiful simplicity.

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The collection covers women's sweaters, unisex sweaters, hoodies and coach jackets. Each product prints with Ina Jang’s photography and features a unique co-branded label on the back or on the cuff details. The SPOONYARD X Ina Jang collection is available now in D-mop and J-01.

About Ina Jang 

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 Ina Jang is a South Korean artist based in Brooklyn, New York. 

 Known for a vibrant and unconventional approach to photography which often employs hand crafted cutouts and collages, Jang continuously blurs and questions boundaries of various mediums. 

Over the years, Jangʼs works have been exhibited in internationally acclaimed museums and festivals, including Daegu Photo Biennale, Paris Photo, Musée des beaux-arts Le Locle, and Foam Photography Museum. 

Her latest project Radiator Theatre was shown in 2018 at One Four Gallery (Jason Shin) in Seoul, followed by a solo presentation at SWAB Barcelona in 2019, and Photofairs Shanghai in 2021. 

Her works have been published in Time Magazine, British Journal of Photography, IMA Magazine, The New Yorker, and The New York Times Magazine.