KIJUN Korea Fall Winter 2021 Collection "Perfect Game"


KIJUN - meaning “standard” in Korean—is a Seoul-based womenswear label that redefines traditional standards of beauty. Founded in 2018 by Hyunwoo Kim and Myungjun Shin, the brand takes a cinematic approach to each collection, every season imagined as a distinct film with a unique costuming concept. 

D-mop Kijun FW21 1

Inspired by the street style of ‘80s and ‘90s Seoul, the designers bring together dichotomous elements to create highly stylized yet wearable pieces.

D-mop Kijun FW2021 2
D-mop KIJUN FW21 42

The brand’s exploratory process yields bubble skirts, printed tops, and flared-leg lounge pants, each cut with sculptural detail. With a range of eye-catching pieces suitable for everyday wear, KIJUN reconfigures beauty for the contemporary moment with fresh and innovative wit.

D-mop Kijun FW2021 4
D-mop Kijun FW2021 5

KIJUN Fall Winter 2021 Collection is available at D-mop Store (kingston).