GCDS MILANO Fall Winter 2021 Collection

D-mop GCDS

Founded in 2015 by brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza in Milan, Italy. The name GCDS is an acronym for the phrase “Giuliano Calza Design Studio”. 

d-mop GCDS add-mop gcds 3

GCDS presents its Fall/Winter 2021 collection which features varied designs, from more soft and bright colors to blacks and shimmers in tailoring items and outwear pieces. 

d-mop gcdsd-mop gcds 11
d-mop gcds 24d-mop gcds leather jacket
d-mop GCDS furry bagd-mop gcds jeans
Giuliano believes a colorful, light shell should contain a deeper meaning because only those who are well grounded and confident in their path can make fun of themselves and approach life with humour.
d-mop GCDS GQD-mop GCDS GQ 2021
This is why his light-hearted fashion comes with a deeper meaning and quality when you look into it such as the hidden details of Italian craftsmanship.
GCDS collection is available at D-mop Kingston store.