Etudes Fall Winter 2021 Collection

D-mop Études x Beavis and Butt-Head Fall Winter 2021

D-mop Etudes Fall Winter 2021 1Established in 2012 and based between Paris and New York, Études operates as a collective, working across platforms ranging from menswear to publishing.

D-mop Etudes Fall Winter 2021 2

Guiding this hybrid practice is a strong emphasis on experimentation and collaboration, the group's vision at once reflecting and engaging the contemporary landscape. Expect relaxed silhouettes, graphic prints and saturated colors from this boundary-pushing brand.

D-mop Etudes Fall Winter 2021 3

Études presents a collection filled with millennial post-grunge aesthetics and nostalgia, delivering a collaboration with the 1990’s American satirist cartoon Beavis and Butt-Head. While models are seen dancing candidly and free, clothes seem to take the center stage with their bold use of palettes, patterns and cuts.

Études Fall Winter 2021 collection is available at D-mop store (Kingston).