D-mop x HKFG AW22 Private Preview

D-mop x HKFG preview event fff
Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) has been preparing for the international fashion project HKFG (formerly known as Fashion Guerilla) since 2013. Committed to providing opportunities for young professionals in Hong Kong as well as promoting the local fashion industry, after three seasons of digital presentations, HKFG AW22 is leading six Hong Kong labels to Paris Fashion Week (PFW) physically, namely CELINE KWAN, CHRISTIAN STONE, CODA, RICKYY WONG STUDIO, SWEETLIMEJUICE and VANN. Taking place at L’Imprimerie, a former printing studio in Paris, these six brands had their solo presentations to demonstrate their latest collections, as well as sharing their ideas in-person to the guests including fashion media, insiders, buyers, fashionistas and influencers around the globe.
D-mop HKFG event
This year FFF is in collaboration with D-mop, selected items showcased in Paris Fashion Week are now being sold exclusively on D-mop.com online store. Furthermore, D-mop and HKFG hosted a networking event on 12 May, designers and representatives from the above six brands presented the creative ideas of the AW22 series and their brands in person.
D-mop Celine Kwan aw22
D-mop Celine Kwan fff
CELINE KWAN had its first-ever fashion presentation in Paris, presenting a collection of clothing that is inspired by futuristic ‘space-age’ aesthetic from classic films.
D-mop Sweetlimejuice 1
D-mop Sweetlimejuice 2
SWEETLIMEJUICE AW22 collection is inspired by contemporary sculptors Noguchi and Wendell Castle –– the shape of their fluid yet symmetrical and geometrical sculptures.
D-mop Rickyy Wong 2
'RICKYY WONG STUDIO’s collection “HYPER_CRAFTS” reflects on a world straddled between the physical, tactile reality that is known and the newness of an emerging digital mode of existence.
D-mop VVAN
VANN’s AW22 collection "Saint" draws inspiration from ancient religious art and craft, transforms ideas into contemporary fashion artefacts.
D-mop Christian Stone fff
CHRISTIAN STONE’s signiture means playful unisex garments with the most unconventional functions and constructions that defys expectations. AW22 collection inspired by an imagined character who works at theme park.
D-mop Coda AW22 fff
CODA's AW2022 collection sympathizes with the coolness of retro-futuristic vision.
Explore the collections on D-mop x HKFG website:https://www.d-mop.com/collections/d-mop-x-hkfg