BOTTER PARIS Spring/Summer 2023 collection

BOTTER PARIS Spring/Summer 2023 collection
“The plastic sea” For Botter Spring Summer 2023 collection, Botter wanted to explore the idea of bringing water to the runway.
botter paris hong kong d-mop 1
The future of fashion is designed in collaboration with nature. Finding new solutions by diving into the underwater world more deeply every season. Exploring what true sustainability means.
botter paris hong kong d-mop 2
Showing an elongated silhouet that peels of the body like a wet suit would. Shoes that feel like they are floating in tranquil water, moving gracefully.
Models who don’t fear the deep blue sea, wearing little aquarium like gloves that peek from underneath the sleeves. Suits in the Botter blue brand colour, inspired by the emerald, turquoise Caribbean Sea.
botter paris hong kong d-mop 3
Botter Spring Summer 2023, mixing up tailoring and dive wear into the brand’s iconic codes. Slits that open up and show off the shoulders, while a thin cool wool peeled off its lining layers in a soft sand color, moving with the waves of the body like kelp.
botter paris hong kong d-mop 4
There is interaction, inter dependence for each other’s needs. Collaborating withnature is therefore vital for survival, we believe. We can’t create empty product in this time, presenting ice cube bags.
botter paris hong kong d-mop 5
Collaborating with bio engineers and researchers to develop new fabrics made from kelp that result in ankle length tube dresses. We partnered up with Notpla, who is fighting against plastic packaging, introducing edible water bubbles made from seaweed and plants.
 Botter is now available in D-mop Kingston street store.